Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting back to my room at K10 now, feeling tired after the long journey back from my house, and feeling even tired thinking about the upcoming tests and presentations...

Anyway, I get so excited last night, knowing that Kelly Clarkson is about to release her new single, yes another new single after People Like Us! It was so unexpected and so random at that moment. Like out of the sudden she tweeted: Can't wait to perform my next country single tonight at #CMAfest!!! #TieItUp WHO'S READY?!!!!!!, with the gorgeous looking single cover.
She's amazing isn't it? At first my impression on this unheard new song was pretty weird, maybe the new happy Kelly is kinda unfamiliar to us (die hard fans), and I thought this song would be another lay back or cheesy love song and Don't-Rush-sounds-alike kinda song (Don't get me wrong I love Don't Rush anyway). But, after watching the video on internet about her performance today, Boom! That song is awesome! Well of course for sure it will sound awesome to me, but this kinda country-rock sound of Kelly is really feisty and cool. Forget about the lyrics though, which is really wordy for the verse and cheesy chorus: 'Let's cut the cake, Tie up the games.'. The rock vibe of it just sounds really fresh and catchy and in your phase kinda feel.  And the whole songs quite similar with You Ain't Gonna Like This, which is another Kelly's about-to-release-country-single. It makes me worry if she's going to keep that up because of the similarity, well maybe just me who felt so. XD.


I hope the song is up to iTunes very soon, can't wait to hear the full studio version of it. Hopefully it smash! Love Kelly!

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