Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting back to my room at K10 now, feeling tired after the long journey back from my house, and feeling even tired thinking about the upcoming tests and presentations...

Anyway, I get so excited last night, knowing that Kelly Clarkson is about to release her new single, yes another new single after People Like Us! It was so unexpected and so random at that moment. Like out of the sudden she tweeted: Can't wait to perform my next country single tonight at #CMAfest!!! #TieItUp WHO'S READY?!!!!!!, with the gorgeous looking single cover.
She's amazing isn't it? At first my impression on this unheard new song was pretty weird, maybe the new happy Kelly is kinda unfamiliar to us (die hard fans), and I thought this song would be another lay back or cheesy love song and Don't-Rush-sounds-alike kinda song (Don't get me wrong I love Don't Rush anyway). But, after watching the video on internet about her performance today, Boom! That song is awesome! Well of course for sure it will sound awesome to me, but this kinda country-rock sound of Kelly is really feisty and cool. Forget about the lyrics though, which is really wordy for the verse and cheesy chorus: 'Let's cut the cake, Tie up the games.'. The rock vibe of it just sounds really fresh and catchy and in your phase kinda feel.  And the whole songs quite similar with You Ain't Gonna Like This, which is another Kelly's about-to-release-country-single. It makes me worry if she's going to keep that up because of the similarity, well maybe just me who felt so. XD.


I hope the song is up to iTunes very soon, can't wait to hear the full studio version of it. Hopefully it smash! Love Kelly!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Yuhoo I'm back to Penang here! I've struggle for so long to get my ass back here, eventhough it will be just 4 days (basically by cutting down yesterday which whole day was in the bus, and today which whole day was sleeping, I just had less than two days left.)

Good news is, we have basically done all of our assignments within this week, which including our public art, stop-motion video, and presentation board. It is such a relieve, after days of sleepless moment. Speaking about our public art, we at last get an A-, which is fine considering we actually got the second chance on improving it. As we know after redo something, the maximum grade would be A- only.

This is our so called the 'kepak ayam', the concept of our project is called 'The Gift', as it served to be a gift we want to give to the community. The design idea is based on a kind of bird species, stork, which can be found around the lake. As the childhood story tells the stork is said to be the creature to bring babies from houses to houses, it indicates bringing new life and so was our intention to make that area lively and exciting. Different forms of wings were made with the arrangement of low till high to show the movement of flying stork towards the lake, towards the community.

Next up is the final presentation board for applied graphic class, it is one of the easiest class I would say, because it was the first time to get all but one assignments grade A (the excepted one is A-), which eventually I kinda have that confidence in getting A in this subject. But who knows right? This final one might turns out to be disaster. Touch wood*

Last but not least! Our stop motion video, after long long long time of hard works, I would like to present you guys the video 'Candy Crushenture'~ Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I thought this week is supposed to be lighter in terms of work load. Ya I THOUGHT. Basically it was the other way round. In fact, it is lots more heavier than ever.

Doing our video for like sleepless days can really kill. It is one of the assignments that actually took us many tiring days to complete it. Yet, we still haven't finished editing all the videos. And what's worst is when the software get stuck and not responding. God damn it is the ultimate curse and killer poison for all the design students to experience the 'not responding' when doing their projects using computer.

Once again, I sincerely hope we can make it till the end. Tomorrow afternoon, well it is later on at 2pm, we'll be having our video presentation. Excited about it and also curious to see others' works.

Peace out.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday afternoon, the damn college cafe closed again, they always take the chance to rest when during holiday. And poor us have to go outside to search for meal. Which is good atleast able to taste something worthy. Ya worthy, cause you will never find anything worthy at k10 here.

Anyway, in studio doing our stop motion video. It is fun as it is the 1st experience making a video. Like taking thousands of pictures and then combine to create a flow of motion. Hopefully our video will turn out great. Here's the sneak peak of it:
Haha, wondering what are we going to do is it? Not going to tell you yet.
Just stay tuned.

Friday, May 31, 2013

It is kind of weird for having just three people hanging around in our 'hot-conditioned' studio. Rethinking back to those weeks almost everyone is staying at the studio doing our work until late at night. We didn't have enough of sleep, we didn't have enough of time to rest, and we're practically just like the zombies.

And yay we've just done our public art presentation, well it was not exactly a 'yay' but in fact it was seriously a 'nay'. Sigh, out of six groups, only one of the lucky group got the chance to survive, like in the sense that they can keep their work display successfully, well unfortunate to the others, which including me, had to do it again, I mean, change here and there, improve this and that as what our lecturers told. It was really disappointing to all of us, probably some may simply okay with that perhaps they never care. But I seriously care about it so much. One is that we've put in effort in doing our work and at the end it turns out nothing, NOTHING. And it was pretty embarrassed like when you got criticism from lecturer, especially that god-damn-who-the-heck-the-architecture-lecturer-considering-himself-as-the-public-art-king, why it was like everything that he said is right? Okay I admit he does have his own perception and able to convinced people to agree with, but our lecturer? Come on, before his arrival, you guys like just nod nod nod to what we have said, our concepts, ideas, and all the crap design principles. But after he came about and start to comment, you guys repeatedly did the same thing, even though in fact we did whatever you guys told us to do. Like some of the ideas are actually coming from you guys, but you guys never tried to defend us. Hmm. Okay that's fine. Of course we can't put out something incredible yet, as we are just the first year students. Yes how annoying it is to be the 1st year student. You have to be fantastic even when you have only learned little things. Like you have to know everything and have those thinking like the serious professionals. Come on, it is the real challenge for us to do public art, it is for the public, there is so much risks of it. That's why we get all those criticisms harshly, we didn't make use the space available, we didn't relate our art work to the public, we didn't have such wow factor to attract people come and interact with our work and blah blah blah. Anyway, that's the part of the learning process, no matter how disappointed we are at the time and we have been asked to redo our work in one given week time.

Plus the heartbreaking truth, I can't go back home during the study week. Ok I know we are not supposed to go back but sigh, knowing that we got tonnes of work to do, but seriously we simply need to find a gateway to escape from all of this stressful life.

Stressful life, when we going to stop from experiencing it. I guess never uh? And thinking about the fist formation theory that  my agri lecturer told us, you have to consider many factors as much as possible to make something impossible possible. But the most important thing is of course your own attitude, the major key to make everything happen smoothly. Sometimes when you think, or when you actually have put in so much effort in doing something, but anyhow somebody will still drag you down or something like that. So you can't predict anything and it just happens to be that way. Blaming or complaining that's how come across all the time in one's life. People never satisfied. And one's never able to fulfill the others need, because they will just keep requesting. And of course who never asking and requesting. Ya we all basically the same, cause we all living in the same world. World of that is keep changing.

So, I learn things everyday, learn to reject people, learn to accept, to disagree, to blame, to complain, to change, to become better person.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have been quite awhile didn't update my blog, no matter how busy I am right now still I gotta spent this 10 minutes times (maybe 30 minutes?) to atleast post something here. If not, it would be totally ruin my 1st intention to recreate this blog.
Anyway, as usual, super-duper busy week.
The hell I should actually feel glad that I'm not a architecture student (that's not true though), because they are definitely more busier than us. But, here's the BUT. I don't know how they actually get to survive, but we're basically damn busy and is about to suffocate soon. Perhaps the measurement of the so called business is different between us.

And yes, it is the last two weeks of our semester, not including the study week and exam week of course. It's pretty amazing isn't it? Like how fast and how wonderful to come to an end, for the 1st year, and eventually soon will be becoming the senior. I literally can't imagine how it's going to be like. Can I get someone with personality more or less same with me? Like me and my direct senior are pretty much the same, and that's why we are getting along quite well. The opposite might happen anyway, so...

Tomorrow is 'speech day' again. The last speech, and I haven't started to memorize it. And also tomorrow will be having presentation for Agriculture and Human. And we still have assignments on Autocad (the god damn autocad yes mum), sketches from Singapore to be submitted, colouring on 2 A3 size perspective drawings, a presentation board for our final project, a stop-motion video making, Soil Science reportsssssss (tonnes of it!!!) and final project public art.

One facial emotion: T.T

One thought from me here, I seriously do not like to lead, I mean lead in the sense that as the leader. But everytime I can't help but have been forced to become one. The reason is, because I'm just too good, that's bullshit and false assumption from people. However I can't stand also to be the follower, sometimes I feel like my idea would be better for the things or so. Anyway, either way I also the one who did the most part of the whole damn thing. They literally do not care or simply cause thinking 'hey Alex is here, he'll do better'. Hmmm. And at the end, I am the only one who get freaked out and stressed out for completing a task given. To make sure that the thing is perfectly managed and done. Being a perfectionist is that's why so tiring. Cheers to all the virgos.

I actually got lots of things to share with but again I have no time for that. Especially the moment when we went to Johor for our Baksis program. But I promised here, I'll be sharing with y'all soon enough.

Peace out, and happy working.